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High on the Hog is back! And it's the 30th Anniversary. Traditionally the 30th Anniversary gift is pearls, but don't bother bringing us any, instead we're giving YOU music, barbecue, your favorite beverages, and a park full of thousands of your closest friends.

Noon to glorious sunset

(28th & E. Franklin Streets in Church Hill)

Featuring Larry Ham's award-winning, world famous, dee-licious barbecue starting at 1:00 PM.

Musical guests (in order):
  - The Bopcats
  - The Memphis Rockabilly Band
  - The Good Humor Band
  - The Billy Price Band

Recorded music provided by Nard's Rock 'n' Roll Review

Admission is FREE!

Barbecue plates - $7
Golden beverages - $3
Soft drinks - $1

Proceeds go to the Church Hill Association and The Church Hill Crime Watch.

This is an ALL AGES EVENT that will go on RAIN OR SHINE.

NO PETS. NO COOLERS. Go ahead, bring lawn chairs and blankets.

The Bopcats

Lindy Fralin and the Bopcats open the show, with their '50s rockabilly and rock. They've appeared at High on the Hog bunches of times starting in 1983 at HOTH-7. Lindy will be joined by Paul Hammond, Steve Hudgins, Keith Rogers, and a slew of Special Guests!

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Memphis Rockabilly Band
Memphis Rockabilly Band

An East Coast rockabilly favorite, Boston's Memphis Rockabilly Band has played High on the Hog six (count 'em, 6!) times, starting in 1980. Recently reformed (as in got back together again), the band features originators Jeff Spencer and Bill Coover along with Paul Justice, Bob Paluccio, and Tom Jesser.

Visit their, uh...they don't have a web site. For info, go here.

Good Humor Band
Good Humor Band

The Good Humor Band has played High on the Hog more times than god, who actually has never played there. The first time, we think, was at HOTH 5 in 1981. Back together for a special reunion gig, Mike McAdam, Greg Wetzel, Drake Leonard, Joe McGlohon, and Dave Eggleston will be joined by those ever popular special guests.

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Billy Price Band
Billy Price

Billy Price, who first played HOTH in 1983 with his Pittsburgh-based group the Keystone Rhythm Band, returns with his new line-up, the appropriately named Billy Price Band. He and his 7-piece band will bring their blue-eyed soul as well as copies of their new CD, East End Avenue.

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